Friday, 14 December 2012

Sleek Eyelashes!

Sleek MakeUP have brought out a range of false eyelashes! At £6.49 for a pair, they're pretty expensive compared to brands like Diamond Lash, but I'd love to give some of them a go! And the designs are named after cats such as Siamese and Russian Blue- what more could a girl ask for?!

These two designs come with individual lashes and I'm especially eager to try them:


My favourite breed of cat! *o* One day I will own a Bengal (or Bengal cross), I swear! Haha, for some reason, they've shown the lashes back-to-front. XD



Wowww! Depending on how long they are, I'd like to try these out as lower lashes, too (with thick black liner to disguise the prominent band).


These come as a whole band from the look of it, but are in long, fluffy clumps. Pretty!

Russian Blue


These might also be good for gal looks as they're spiky, though I already have some similar lashes from Chanti-eyelash (they're not selling that specific 5 pack the the moment, but I think it's style 120). The Sleek ones look like they might be a tad longer, especially at the ends, but the fibre style seems similar! ^^

And OMG, they have my pics up on their eBay! X3 *blush* Here's the active auction for Chanti-eyelash Double Layer #11 and the Buy It Now/make offer!

What do you think of Sleek eyelashes? Any styles you're dying to try?

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