Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Circle Lens Review- GEO Nudy Blue

So, here they are! The first pair I ordered from Mukuchu- GEO Nudy Blue. :)

Ordered: 30/06/12
Arrived: 24/07/12 (24 days, 17 business days; projected arrival 'early July')

Considering that these came from Australia to the UK and were so inexpensive, that's not too bad! :)


The Stats:
Type: GEO Nudy / GEO Nudy Quarter (CH-622) from 'GEO Magic Color' series (Blue) -prescription-
Diameter: 14mm/14.2mm
Water Content: 38~42%
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Life Span: 1 year
Material: HEMA
Center thickness: 0.04mm
Package: 1 lens case included


These lenses can sting a bit when they first go in, and occasionally I can feel that they're there, so I think these are about average in terms of comfort! ^^ Mostly no trouble but not perfect, either.



When I showed these to Mum, she said they didn't really enlarge my eyes, but if you look at the comparison of lens in and lens out below, you can see that the difference is actually pretty pronounced. XD Still, at 14.2mm these are small enough to appear 'natural'.



GEO Nudy has a fairly opaque black outer ring with jagged inner edges, giving it a natural appearance (as long as you're not too close or using flash). The design is made up of 'pixels', some areas more concentrated than others so it blends in with your own eyes. There are also areas with a few pale brown/yellow dots, though not as many as GEO Nudy Golden Blue! On the inside there is a softer, blended inner black ring. The inside doesn't blend out quite as well as my ideal lenses would, but the black ring would really help blend these on dark eyes and they're still quite good compared to most other lenses. ^^

In terms of colour, these lenses are quite pale and not as brightly coloured as the Super Pink Blue lenses (which as you may know are one of my favourites- I love highly saturated colour!), so they look like a more natural grey-blue-greenish colour on my eyes. ^.^

With flash
This is why I shouldn't smile in photos. :P



As I wore this to the cinema, the eye shape (lashes) were inspired by Batman. XD I cut the long band of Diamond Lash Charming Eye into three parts to create a three-spiked lower lashline and used Diamond Lash Girly Eye stacked with these 'lower' lashes on to create a 'winged' upper lash!

This is how I cut the lashes up! I'll probably do this with a couple more pairs of these because it makes them look sooo much better and more versatile..!

Unfortunately, one of the inner parts got decimated during removal (see above right). ;_; I still find these lashes really frustrating to work with, but they look good, especially when cut into a total of 5 parts, so I will continue to use them..!

I kept the upper lids nude and neutral, with soft, thick black liner and just a hint of shadow on the crease.

Messing around. XD Look, I created a passable duck face! I don't mean that it looks good, just that it looks like a duck face. XP Also, two angry/annoyed/sulky faces. X3

I've actually worn these lenses three times already! The third time will be in another entry with my special-match lashes, and below is the first time, just trying the lenses out. ^^ The makeup is very simple - just the leftover eye makeup I had already, a little mascara and inner liner - so you can see what these lenses look like with minimal makeup. :)


I wanted to do my next Cat's Eye Series instalment today, since I'm working Thurs and Fri, but I had a top in mind for the outfit and couldn't find it..! D: Wish me luck. ♡


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