Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Ophelia of Harts Giveaway haul (with Bubblegum Emporium) + picnic makeup!

A couple of days ago, the giveaway prize from the Ophelia of Harts giveaway arrived! Since my birthday is at the end of this month (but being away from home I'm not expecting to get much on the day), it felt like an early birthday! :D

Clairey and Amy also wrote a lovely note! Thank you, gals. ♡ The prize consited of a lucky pack from Bubblegum Emporium, Ageha 111 (Fairy) upper lashes, PrimaLash lower lashes, and a cute writing set! (Charmmy Kitty! ♡)

Below is a closer look at what was in the lucky pack~

Monday, 11 May 2015

My Beauty Addiction (MBA Cosmetics) lipstick haul with swatches! (Pic heavy!)

Sooo, my long-awaited MBA Cosmetics haul arrived! (Long-awaited because we took a while to order, not because shipping took a long time- We ordered on the 2nd, they shipped from America on the 5th, and arrived in the UK on the 9th! We were most impressed. ♡)

... As you can guess, this is going to be a pic-heavy one!

It's really good that they separated the slim lipsticks into the sets they were ordered in! Two of the sets of three were my housemate's, while the six, one set of 3 petite tubes, the square thing, and the 3 samples are mine. We also got a sample of MBA's mineral eyeshadow in 'Toxic'! It's a very pretty chartreuse yellow-gold, which I added to my eye makeup after doing the lip swatches.

Pictures don't really do it justice, but it might show the sparkles better if it was built up a bit more, or over a pale base? It was wonderful to get a sample of something else, because I was too scared to look at the other products after making such a long list of lipsticks, despite hearing good things about their eyeshadows etc. as well! XD

The reason I chose the slim tubes, other than their being cheaper as there's less product than in a jar or full-size lipstick, is because watching Youtube reviews, they seemed very easy to apply straight from the little tube. As the formula is so soft, MBA advises against buying lipsticks rather than pots of some shades. As I'm not very handy with a lip brush (I used one for the clamshell and duo swatches, but usually I just use my fingers to apply and blend products...), petite slim tubes seemed a good compromise!

My Beauty Addiction swatches (indoor light + flash)

I didn't actually intend to do hand swatches, but I had already swatched the sample eyeshadow and when I opened Skooldays (the yellow), I was just too fascinated and couldn't help myself!

My housemate and I did a group order, so I didn't include hers in the swatches, but borrowed them later (except for 2 duplicates- Indigo and Smoke Screen) for arm swatches:

MBA Spiced Pumpkin, Frosted Bronze, Teal With It, Violet Riot
swatches (under different kinds of artificial light)

Definitely lusting after Frosted Bronze and Spiced Pumpkin as well now..!

See under the cut for on-the-face lipstick swatches. ヽ(´▽`)/

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