Friday, 17 April 2015

Easter back home

I went back to my home-town for a week during the Easter holidays and had the time to do a couple of colourful makeup looks that've been on my misson list for a little while. :D

Also got two Sleek i-Divine palettes on eBay~ Sleek is definitely one of my favourites, especially for eyeshadow! Jewels is all sparkly and Bohemian has a mix of shiny and matte colours. The one on the bottom right of Bohemian is sooo cool. It looks like a fairly plain grey/taupe colour but there's a hint of purple in there, too! It makes a good slightly unusual neutral shade. ♡

Sleek Bohemian and Sleek Jewels

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Today's Challenges!

Hey, everyone! Wow, I guess being addicted to meiku me, having essay/exam prep that needs doing, and having the Easter holidays words wonders for blogging. :P

Shiny lashes... orz

So as I said, I was meant to be studying, but I just woke up from a nap instead! One of the (wonderful) downfalls of not wearing lenses is you can just take a nap if you feel like it!

My missions for today:
  1. Do makeup, but don't take too long (I ended up taking an hour which isn't terrible but not amazing either XD)
  2. Attempt gal makeup without lenses
  3. Curl my hair (in a style inspired by another メイクme user with short hair. I comment on her picture and she said she wanted to see my hair style as well. >3<)

This was directly after I did my makeup, so the lip colour was still fresh. I had cherry pie for breakfast before doing the hair so the colour is more lived-in in the later pics. X3

The main components of the look were matte palette + metallic primer for eyeshadow, and Barry M lipstick with Milani gloss over it.

After I did my hair.  ♡ I curled the front bit upwards away from my face and pinned before curling the rest inwards. (Apologies for the roomwear 姿, haha.)

When I noticed the pin wasn't behaving as I wanted it to (ugh!), I took it out to adjust and I think the style ended up looking a bit Belle-like!

Well, it was far from perfect, but I'm glad I bothered to try anyway. XD
I feel really self-conscious about my eyes when I attempt gyaru makeup / put false lashes on without lenses. I feel like my irises are pretty small for the size of my eyes as it is! XD

What do you think? Hit or miss? If anyone has any pointers, I would be happy to hear them!

P.S.: Sorry for the uneven lighting! I live in a basement room so it's pretty dim. u_u 

Saturday, 21 March 2015

e.l.f's UK distributor is closing down!!

I just read an email saying that the distributors for eyeslipface in the UK will no longer be selling their products! D: You can read the details here. This is really a big shame, but as e.l.f is so popular, hopefully someone else will pick it up!

For now, there are loads of items being sold off at discounts of up to 70% off, so grab refills of your favourites or any new items you were hoping to try, before they run out.
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